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Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Training and Events

  • The Hackney Main Grants programme 2018/19: How to Apply Workshop. For organisations preparing to make an application for the Hackney grants programme 2018/19. Book here.
  • Create Your Future - Recognise Your Potential. This free taster session will help BAME women understand the importance of their skills and personal qualities when securing employment. > Read more

  • Autism and Ageing. Whilst ageing is not strictly a condition to be diagnosed, it can have a profound effect upon autistics. This one-day course has been commissioned to support the Autism Dual Diagnosis programme. For more information email:
  • East End Community Foundation's next grant workshop is taking place on Wednesday 6th September between 1pm and 3pm at Jack Dash House, E14 9YQ. The EECF team will be delivering a presentation on volunteering and giving tips on writing funding applications in time for their next application deadline on 2nd October. There will also be time to discuss any funding proposals.> Read more
  • The Care Act for Providers. This workshop provides an overview of the Care Act specifically for providers. It focuses on elements of the Care Act that are relevant to providers and shares information on how providers can ensure they are delivering services in accordance with the legislation. For more information email:
  • Join Hackney Arts for the Hackney Arts Season Launch Party as they celebrate the release of the September to December 2017 Events Programme, a unique set of arts experiences designed to bring  creativity to life. > Read more

  • Healthy eating workshop for cancer patients. Have you recently completed treatment? Would you like to learn more about how to eat well and maintain a healthy body weight? Attend this interactive workshop and discover how to improve your diet.> Read more
  • Gahu Dramatic Arts presents Community Fun Day. Its a free event and will feature entertainment such as face paint, costume displays, African drumming and more. > Read more

Community News
  • Hot desking and room rental at Hackney CVS. From under £13 a day or £168 a quarter, we can offer you high quality desk rental at an exceptionally low price. Room rental. We also have a ground floor room available for rent, suitable for office use by up to three people. > Read more
  • Local residents and patients can give feedback on the first-ever Co-production Charter for Health and Social Care in Hackney and City until 29th September. Healthwatch Hackney expects local health and care organisations to sign up to the charter so services are designed in partnership with people who use  them. > Read more.

Jobs and Funding
  • Shoreditch Trust is seeking a personable and empathetic individual to join their Health Coach team to provide support, motivation and encouragement to local residents as they make lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellbeing. > Read more
  • Age UK East London are seeking a Older People's Involvement Officer. Age UK East London offer a range of services to people in later life covering the continuum across changing needs as people age. > Read more
  • Mildmay Community Partnership Chairperson. The Chair is to take a leadership role in ensuring that the board of trustees fulfil their responsibilities for the governance and strategic development of the organisation. > Read more
  • City and Hackney Health and Social Care Forum (HSCF) is seeking voluntary and community sector (VCS) representatives for the Health and Social Care Transformation Programme. > Read more
  • London Sport is seeking associates to enhance its capacity and in some cases, capability, to help partners secure funding. London Sport is working with a range of organisations to; develop innovative interventions, adopt a collaborative approach and submit insight-led applications all to secure funding to achieve London Sport’s target of getting more Londoners active. > Read more
  • Community chest grants opening soon. These are grants of up to £1,000 for projects and events which contribute to the Council's objective to foster good relations by building a strong sense of community, neighbourliness and pride. The second round of community chest grants will open on the 4th September 2017. > Read more
  • Sir John Cass's Foundation - Grants to Schools and Organisations: Grants are available for schools and organisations to support education and rehabilitation projects in inner London boroughs. > Read more

  • We Decide Youth Fund: Grants are available to Southern Housing Group residents or those working with groups that include Southern Housing Residents for projects which benefit young people in the local community in London and across the South of England.> Read more
  • For more funding opportunities please click here.

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Susy Langsdale, Youth Worker at Project Indigo LGBTQIA group at Off Centre
Hear how Project Indigo tackles social isolation amongst young people 

This week we hear from Susy Langsdale, Youth Worker at Project Indigo.

What is Off Centre?

Susy Langsdale: Off Centre is a counselling, advocacy and psychosocial service for young people aged between 11 and 25 who live, work or study in Hackney. We’ve got art therapy, drama therapy, mentoring, information and advice as well as Project Indigo, which is an LGBTQIA support group. It’s all in one place so anyone who comes can be directed to the right services, which are free, confidential and aimed at helping Hackney’s young people to have greater control over their lives.

What do you do?

Susy Langsdale: I’m the youth worker at Project Indigo. We provide this social support group every Thursday from 6pm – 8pm in Off Centre. It’s for anyone who might identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or might be questioning their gender or sexuality. We do variety of things, trying to provide community activities that can help young people not to feel isolated. In recent sessions, for example, we have cooked burritos together, we have had a trip to Sutton House to learn about its history and make some protest banners and we have also participated in the Pride in London. We work hard to make sure young people lead what we do so, for example, if they love sport we’ll do some sports.

What are the most common challenges the young LGBTQIA people face?

Susy Langsdale: Isolation is a really big issue, whether this is in families or at school. Schools don’t have to teach about LGBTQIA issues and so there’s still a lot of stigma, lack of awareness and bullying within schools. A lot of people might feel scared to talk about their sexuality or gender because they are worried they might experience rejection. Homelessness is disproportionally high for young LGBTQIA people. And the impact of all of this – the risk of homelessness, the stigma, the bullying and the fears – is that LGBTQIA people have worse mental health overall.

How has Project Indigo grown?

Susy Langsdale: It started in 2012. Today we have 45 young people on the books who I e-mail and text every week. Most weeks there are around 9 – 13 people coming to the group. Today we have just started a new project with local artist Stik to develop an exhibition in Hackney. We are always looking for more opportunities for the group, so do let us know if you have any ideas for other directions we could grow in!

Can you tell me more about your recent fundraising success?

Susy Langsdale: After our fundraiser with Arcola Theatre last January, when people showcased their talents, we talked with Hackney Museum about exhibiting their work. To do that we put in a funding bid for the money from the auction of Stik’s famous holding hands Pride banner, which was kindly offered by Stik, and we got around £12k. Now we will get 10 young people from the group to have a series of workshops in September with things like illustration, performance, ceramics… anything they want to use to create a story about being young and queer or trans in Hackney. 

What is the most important outcome for people who come to the project?

Susy Langsdale: I think the best thing is when a young person who has used the group feels confident and supported enough that they are able to spend time with people outside of the group.  It often happens that people who meet in the group become one another’s community and become friends, and for me this is the most important outcome.

Off Centre:

Project Indigo:

* LGBTQIA (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Queer Intersex Asexual)



Room rental

We also have a ground floor room available for rent, suitable for office use by up to three people.

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