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Co-production with residents and Londonís communities. Share your views.

Jake Ferguson, CEO of Hackney CVS and Chair of the working group for coproduction


The Way Ahead, which is a new emerging strategy to improve support to Civil Society across London, is keen to gather examples from charities, community groups and public sector bodies about how communities/Londoners have been involved in shaping local services for the better – basically how services or projects have been ‘co-produced’ to better suit the needs of those they are targeting or engaging.

We think there are lots of examples of co-production going on every day in London. We want to learn from you about what co-production you have been involved with – what worked well and also importantly, what perhaps didn’t work well. We want to understand where co-production is creating positive impact for local people and communities and to understand where co-production could be better utilised to create better outcomes for everyone. So we really need to capture your ideas and experiences no matter how big or small. Knowing how things didn’t work is as important as knowing how things worked well so please share your thoughts via this survey.

If you would like to know more about what co-production means then please read on…

About co-production and The Way Ahead

The Way Ahead strategy was released in 2016 and is about improving support to Civil Society as it’s called. Ultimately it’s about working together to improve things for people and to make sure community groups, charities, volunteers (those classed as being part of Civil Society) get the best support possible to improve how they work or influence decisions.

See the full report ‘The Way Ahead’  here.

Co-production is just one aspect of The Way Ahead. There are also parallel discussions going on around how best to support Civil Society organisations to get the help they need (triage & connect), how data can be best used, the role of voice and campaigning, how commissioning and funding needs to be more consistent, how communications should work and also how people running organisations can support each other.

Please share your views by the 10th of March.

Definition of Co-production - what does it mean to The Way Ahead?

Examples of Co-production

We want your views - Fill out survey.

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