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Strategic Partnerships - CYPPF

Strategic Partnership

 Hazel Ellis of Claudia Jones Organisation represents parents on the parent’s operational network.

 - Kome Owuasu of African Community School leads the Education providers’ network. A growing network of organisations that currently work with schools.

 - Families First is funded to support 210 children to increase their education attainment. The programme partners are

 - DayMer, African Community School, Inspire EBP and Claudia Jones Organisation who deliver a repairing relationship programme. 

Partners support parents to address the wider issues affecting their children’s attainment. Three of the partners adopt a holistic / whole family approach. Key findings: There is a greater need for investment in early intervention and continuous access to informal adult learning programmes which enable parents to seek support from agencies they trust much earlier.

Housing DV 

Over the last year many more of the CYPPF members have identified households affected by domestic violence. Members are keen that we address this common concern as one of our safety and safeguarding priorities. The CYPPF has met with the DVA team to increase their understanding of strategic agenda and access support for new organisations. Our safeguarding champions continue to pick up this issue in their work on estates and within the community.

Employment Prospects -  the CYPPF and Families First partners are aware if the links’ between access to employment  education and  poverty  VCS play  an active role in supporting parents to secure employment in a schools ir childcare setting and are aware that many adults are trapped due to; long term health  conditions,  the cost of studying and lack of childcare. Community Organisations recognise the importance of empowering adults to make a positive contribution.   We achieve this by facilitating three to 6 months work experience to parents some of which is hosted within Hackney.




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